Qt Creator was set to -std=gnu++0x

I was playing with c++11/14 in a project created using Qt Creator. I found that Qt creator is passing -std=gnu++0x to compiler whereas my .pro file was configured to use c++11.

My <qt_project>.pro file was having:

CONFIG += c++11

The fix for this problem was to force Qt creator to use specified c++ standard instead of using default one. This can be done by having strict_c++ keyword in .pro file.

CONFIG += strict_c++ c++11



Nvidia EGL symlink error

In case you are having ldconfig error in Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS related to Nvidia EGL use follow fixes
/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1 is not a symbolic link
/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib32/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1 is not a symbolic link
sudo mv /usr/lib/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1 /usr/lib/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1.org
sudo mv /usr/lib32/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1 /usr/lib32/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1.org
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.384.90 /usr/lib/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.384.90 /usr/lib32/nvidia-384/libEGL.so.1
In case something has gone wrong with nvidia, use following command to restore
sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia*

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nvidia egl error
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